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Music changes lives

In these extraordinarily challenging times, the power of music to unite the world is demonstrated every day. 

In homes, in local communities, and across the Internet, when performers and audiences come together through music.


 MUSIC:ED is a unique, independent social network where everyone who's passionate about learning, teaching or working in music can share their experiences and expertise. 

We want to create a place where students, teachers, parents, organisations and businesses can learn, listen, grow and benefit from the collective power of the community.

Free of distractions and irrelevant content.

We believe learning music is for everyone

We celebrate diversity. 

We're building MUSIC:ED for everyone who is passionate about learning, teaching or working in music. 

Regardless of race, age, politics, (dis)ability, religion, gender, sexual orientation, language and level of income. Not to mention musical genre.

Membership Benefits

MUSIC:ED Members can create profiles, follow special interest topics, view resources and take part in discussions. 

Pro Members also have access to premium options including publishing physical and virtual events and extended articles. 

Sponsors can create profiles of organisations or businesses and customise these with their own topics, logos and colours.

Who We Are

MUSIC:ED is published by 1Hub Media Ltd. We're based in London but have an international outlook, with a representative office in Hong Kong and software developed by Mighty Networks in California.

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